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  • Cyclohexanone


    • Place of origin : Korea
    CYCLOHEXANONE Description Cyclohexanone is a clear, colorless liquid with a characteristic ketone odor. It is freely miscible with all common organic solvents but is not miscible in all proportions with water. Application By virtue of its high solvent power for numerous organic substances, cyclohexanone is used as a solvent in many branches of industry. - Solvent for coatings and...
    [ Related Keywords : CYCLOHEXANONE, SOLVENT ]
  • Butyl Acetate

    Butyl Acetate

    • Place of origin : Korea
    Butyl Acetate Description Butyl acetate, Acetic acid, n-butyl ester CAS number : 123-86-4 Molecular formula : C6H12O2 Applications Solvent for coatings and inks. Specification ANALYTICAL ITEMS GUARANTEE SPECIFICATION APPEARANCE COLORLESS AND TRANSPARENT LIQUID COLOR (Hazen unit) MAX....
    [ Related Keywords : solvent, paint, butyl acetate, BA ]
  • Butyl Glycol

    Butyl Glycol

    • Place of origin : Korea
    Butyl Glycol Description Butyl Glycol is a solvent in paint and surface coatings, as well as cleaning products and inks. CAS NO. 111-76-2 FORMULA CH3(CH2)3OCH2CH2OH MOL WT. 118.18 H.S. CODE2909.43 Specification PHYSICAL STATE : clear liquid MELTING POINT : -77 C BOILING POINT : 171.2 C SPECIFIC GRAVITY : 0.898- 0.901 SOLUBILITY IN WATER : miscible VAPOR DENSITY :...
    [ Related Keywords : solvent, paint, ink, coating, bg, butyl glycol ]
  • Isopropyl Alcohol

    Isopropyl Alcohol

    • Place of origin : Korea
    IPA: Isopropyl Alcohol Application Solvent Applications, Chemical Intermediates, Pharmaceuticals, Acetone Feature IPA is produced by the direct propylene hydration process. IPA meets the diverse needs from solvent industry. Our division has been a stable supplier of raw materials for related industries. IPA is used for cleaning semiconductor wafer and LCDs. This highly value-added...
    [ Related Keywords : IPA, ISO PROPYL ALCOHOL, ISO PROPANOL ]
  • Methoxy Propyl Acetate

    Methoxy Propyl Acetate

    • Place of origin : Korea
    METHOXY PROPYL ACETATE Description CAS NO. : 108-65-6 Flash point : 42 C Refractive index : 1.401-1.403 Applications Solvent for coating and plastic. It has very good solubility with resin and other solvent(thinner) Specification Items Standard Test Result Appearance Clear Volatile Mixed Liquid Clear...
    [ Related Keywords : solvent, pma, MPA, METHOXY PROPYL ACETATE ]
  • Mibk


    • Place of origin : Korea
    MIBK ( METHYL ISO BUTYL KETONE) Description MIBK(Methyl Isobutyl Ketone), also referred to as Isopropyl acetone, Hexanone, 4-Methyl-2-pentanone, which is clear, colorless, flammable, volatile liquid, with an odor. MIBK is produced through a catalyzed reaction of acetone with hydrogen. Applications It is an active solvent for synthetic resins including cellulosics, vinyl...
    [ Related Keywords : paint, coating, solvent, mibk, methyl isobutyl ketone ]
  • Xylene


    • Place of origin : Korea
    Xylene Description Xylene is a mixture of three isomer and ethyl benzene, and does not mix with water. However, it mixes with most of other organic solvents. As a solvent for paint, it is mainly used for protective coating (alkyd, lacquer, enamel), and it is sometimes used with Butanol to enhance solubility. It can be used as solvent for insecticides together with aromatic solvents of...
    [ Related Keywords : solvent, paint, ink, coating, xylene ]
  • Toluen


    • Place of origin : Korea
    Toluene Description Toluene has high solubility and evaporation rate, being used as solvents for paint, ink, adhesives and most of the coatings. HS Code : 2902-30-0000 Applications Paint, Ink Specification Item Specification Unit Test Method Specific Gravity, 15.56/15.56℃ 0.869~0.873 ASTM D4052 Sulfur...
    [ Related Keywords : solvent, paint, ink, coating ]


    • Place of origin : Korea
    n-HEXANE Description n-hexane has excellent characteristics of little reactivity. It is used as reaction solvent for polymerization, desorbent and extraction of edible oil. HS Code: 2901-10-2000 Applications Polymerization, desorbent and extraction of edible oil Specification Item Specification Unit Test Method Normal Hexane Min....
  • Glacial Acetic Acid

    Glacial Acetic Acid

    • Place of origin : Korea
    Acetic acid, glacial 1. Chemical Formula CH3COOH (Acetic Acid) 2. Application Vinyl acetate, raw material of VAM and PTA 3. Properties Acetic Acid is an organic compound that is widely used in various industries, as a raw material for producing acetic acid ester, fiber, synthetic rubber, vinyl acetate, fine chemicals, and medicines. It is a colorless, transparent liquid with a...
    [ Related Keywords : gaa, acetic acid, glacial acetic acid ]
  • Methoxy Propanol

    Methoxy Propanol

    • Place of origin : Korea
    Methoxy Propanol (1-Propyleneglycol-2-methylether) Description CAS NO. : 1589-47-5 MOL. WT. : 90.14 REFRACTIVE INDEX : 1.397 FLASH POINT : 35 C INITIAL BOILING POINT : 130 degree C at 760 mmHg DRY POINT : 193 degree C Applications Solvent for coating and plastics. It has very good solubility with resin and other solvent(thinner) ...
    [ Related Keywords : solvent, paint, coating, methoxy propanol, pm, mp ]
  • Acetone


    • Place of origin : Korea
    Acetone Acetone is clear, colorless, low boiling, flammable, volatile liquid, characterized by rapid evaporation and a faintly aromatic, sweetish odor. It is readily miscible in most organic solvents and completely miscible, in all proportions, in distilled water. It is widely used as a chemical intermediate in the production of methyl isobutyl ketone and other solvents, and in the...
    [ Related Keywords : paint, coating, solvent, ACETONE, nail, cleaner ]
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